Month: May 2017

Replacing beef with beans could save the planet

Posted with permission from Popular Science There’s an old childhood ditty about eating beans that starts off “beans, beans, they’re good for your heart,” and ends with a snicker-inducing line about their other well-known effects — (rhymes with “heart”). It turns out, though, that beans are good for …

Germany Can’t Stop Marveling at How Dumb Donald Trump Is

  After nine days of high-profile marital discord, embarrassing Islamophobic gaffes, and the single most contemptuous papal glare in recorded history, Donald Trump’s first trip abroad as President of the United States is finally complete. But even though this expedition featured its fair share of cringe-inducing …

Hawaii and the Ghost of Climate-Change Future

The water is everywhere. For the second time in a month, Hawaii’s coastlines have been swamped by epic tides. The phenomenon, known as a king tide, is actually a convergence of a few different factors: high lunar tides, rising sea levels associated with last year’s strong …

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